DeSantis To Sign Legislation Banning Trans Surgeries On Children

The idea of children being chemically castrated, or surgically transitioned to another gender scary for many. Minors are unable to get tattoos, join the military, or consume alcohol and tobacco. Why should they be allowed to permanently alter their sex before they have the mental state required to alter their bodies in other ways? 

During an interview Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he would sign legislation prohibiting minors from altering their sex.

The Daily Caller reported, “The Florida Republican made the comments during an interview with the DCNF’s Mary Margaret Olohan in Miami, Florida, where he discussed how he handled lockdowns in his state, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s leaked emails, transgender athletes in sports and more.”

The Governor told his interviewer, “I’m very much opposed to chemical castration of minors, I honestly didn’t know this existed until a few years ago,” and that he would definitely sign legislation outlawing it. 

This comes shortly after middle school physical education teacher Tanner Cross was suspended from his position for speaking out about the dangers of allowing children to transition without pushback. He claimed that his stance was out of love and care rather than hate and intolerance. The school suspended him none the less. 

Earlier in the year Florida legislators brought forth a bill that would prohibit surgeries that altered the sex of children. It was called the Youth Gender and Sexual Identity Act. Unfortunately the legislation died out. 

Last week DeSantis also signed an Act banning biological men from women’s sports.

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The Governor said “It’s discrimination against our women athletes to force them to participate against male athletes.”


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