Miami Surgeon Promotes Sex Changes To Minors On TikTok

A Miami-based plastic surgeon uses the popular video-sharing app TikTok to promote “gender-affirming” surgeries for youth.

Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher has posted hundreds of videos related to gender surgeries, including ones where she answers questions and some of young patients showing off their mastectomy scars.

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The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that Gallagher’s videos are “part of the pro-medicalization, transgender-affirming trend encouraging young people on social media to pursue biomedical interventions.”

The doctor’s username is “@gendersurgeon,” and she includes the link to her website in her TikTok information.

On the website’s gender affirmation page, there are no listed age restrictions.

Instead, it states that “it may well be much more detrimental to the patient to wait until the age of 18 for surgery.”

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In a video, however, Gallagher said “feminizing bottom surgery” patients should generally be over 18.

The site says Gallagher is “extremely passionate about working with the transgender community and has developed procedures such as Masculoplasty® in order to improve patient outcomes.”

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“Dr. Gallagher is particularly known for her excellent aesthetic and functional results in top surgeries and vaginoplasty,” it continues.

Some of the procedures offered include “Metoidioplasty,” “Phalloplasty,” “Vaginoplasty,” “Facial feminization,” and “Body Masculinization/ Contouring.”

Some of Gallagher’s posts address questions potential patients might have such as how to initiate the process and how to prepare for surgery.

Gallagher also refers to double mastectomies as “the teet yeet.” She often shares photos of patients who appear to be teenagers.

The DCNF discovered a photo of a middle-aged patient she captioned “proving age is just a number.” Almost all of her patient photos are of young people.

In several videos she discusses keeping or removing nipples following a mastectomy and explains how fake testicles are made during genital surgery.

Gallagher has explained that the most common “top surgery” in the U.S. involves a free nipple graft, where the nipples are completely removed then grafted back on.

However, sensation reportedly only returns for 80% of patients within a year after the procedure.

She also said patents have the option to have their nipples removed completely.

“Probably about 20% of my patients opt to go nip-free. Now the reason some folks do this is this is what’s going to be most affirming for them,” Gallagher explained.

Other videos address genital surgeries, such as when Gallagher explains the “stand to pee” surgery, which involves removing the vagina and uterus.

With female patients who want phalloplasty, it’s possible to keep the vagina intact for certain operations.

Gallagher often complains about efforts to impose age restrictions on gender-affirming surgeries. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has led an administration-wide effort to restrict these procedures for minors within the state.


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