Macy Gray Wants To Redesign The American Flag for being “tattered, dated, divisive and incorrect”

The American flag has long been a symbol of freedom waiving wherever men and women still believe in its cause.

Though the number of stats have changed through the years, it’s symbolism has been clear. Stars, representing each state on top of a blue canton. 13 stripes, red and white representing the colonies from which our union emerged. 

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Macy Gray has now called fir the flag to be changed in an op-Ed that she wrote. She told the Daily Mail that “since January 6th the flags meaning has changed.” She went on to express that the flag is now a symbol of “hate and division.” 

Gray believes that the flag should be redesigned, adding two stars, one for Puerto Rico, and Washington DC. She also stated that brown stars should be added to the canton to represent America’s diversity. 

Our stars represent states. Puerto Rico and Washington DC are not states. DC is hardly a city and Puerto Rico is a largely self governing territory separated from the U.S. main land. 

As far as the stars go, the white has never represented race. No white personal is truly white, only a lighter shade of brown. 

America is truly a diverse nation, but adding color to stars would be “fixing” an issue that never existed in the first place, and injecting race where it does not belong. 

Gray claims that she is proud to be an American and loves her country, but was surprised when others did not agree with her stance on the flag. 

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