DeSantis Will Take Pay From School Officials Who Enforce Mask Mandates

What should happen when a school mandates masks at school? Ron DeSantis says that he will suspend pay from superintendents and school board members. 

The Daily Caller reported, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Monday that the state’s board of education could withhold the salaries of superintendents and school board members who mandate wearing masks in schools

Ron DeSantis has been committed to the fight against government enforced COVID-19 mandates and restrictions. 

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His office said, “With respect to enforcing any financial consequences for noncompliance of state law regarding these rules and ultimately the rights of parents to make decisions about their children’s education and health care decisions, it would be the goal of the State Board of Education to narrowly tailor any financial consequences to the offense committed,” in a statement.

In July the sunshine state Governor signed an executive order, that would drop federal funding from any school that enforced a mask mandate. 

Not long after, schools began removing rules that required students and staff to wear a face covering while in class. 

That same month, DeSantis proclaimed that Florida would be a state free of mask mandates. He also said that he would do whatever it takes to combat mask orders from the federal government. 

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Public schools are government institutions. Therefore any mask mandates from those institutions would be a government mandate, and clear overreach.  


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