Democrat Rep Says High Inflation Reinforces Necessity Of Abortion

California Rep, Katie Porter, told MSNBC that record inflation only reinforces the necessity of abortions. In reality, it only reinforces the necessity for adults to be responsible for their lives, and the lives of others

“The fact that things like inflation can happen and it can become more expensive to feed your kids and to fuel your car is exactly why people need to be able to be in charge of how many mouths they’re gonna have to feed,” she said. 

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The problem is that couples are entirely in charge of how many mouths they are required to feed. Women do not wake up in the morning, pregnant after a visit from the mythical baby fairy. Instead, new humans are created through an act of intercourse between two adults. 

Each time this act occurs, both adults know that they are incurring the risk of possibly reproducing. This is where the choice is made, to bring new humans into the world or to not. 

There doesn’t seem to be any valid claim for a mother to produce a new human, and then simply because her country’s currency is inflated, kill that offspring to spare herself a financial burden. 

Porter claimed that abortion and inflation are closely related issues, which they are not. Human rights cannot be violated over conscience. In no other circumstance would we as a society get together and exonerate a murderer simply because times are tough. 

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“I think they reinforce for people just how big of a responsibility it is to take care of a family. So I think the fact that we’re seeing this jump in expenses, that we’re seeing people having to pay more in the grocery store, pay more at the pump, pay more for housing, is a reason that people are saying ‘I need to be able to make my own decisions about when and if to start a family.” She said. 


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