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Carlson Believes America Needs to Recover their Relationship with God to Get at the Truth

Stand Up to Falsehoods: Carlson Encourages People to Try Telling the Truth


Recently, before Tucker Carlson’s cancellation from Fox News, he delivered a captivating speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary gala in Maryland. Some have suggested that the transcript of his speech, titled “Include Country In Your Prayers,” was the reason for his exit. It’s been reported that Carlson’s speech was laced with religious overtones that even Murdoch found too extreme. He stressed that there is no possible debating about facts or political policies when dealing with those on the left. Carlson’s call for prayer may have been the reason for his ouster, as it rubs a raw nerve these days.

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It was once a widely accepted belief that while liberals viewed conservatives as evil, conservatives viewed liberals as misguided at worst. We all had a common goal, but we differed on the methods to reach it. However, Carlson’s speech challenged this notion, offering his own views on what’s going wrong in America without fear or favor of any political party or media reporters. He concluded that we need honest people telling the truth and calling upon God’s help for our country.

Carlson points out that the public has been inundated with lies, falsehoods, and the pressure to repeat them over and over again. Though many Americans see the hollowness of these lies, we’re now expected to accept and believe in dogmas about gender, diversity, equity, and inclusion that often don’t make any logical sense. Carlson urges Americans to stand up to these falsities and not let them destroy our economy and the soul of our nation.

Carlson encouraged people to try telling the truth, knowing it requires courage in the current cultural climate. He gives ordinary people, executives and others who refuse to engage in lies and deceit his deepest admiration. He suggests that we need prayer rather than more policy papers, as some of the positions held that are not lies are something else entirely.

Carlson alludes to Janet Yellen’s testimony in front of the Senate Banking Committee in which she argued that eliminating legal abortion was bad on economic grounds. Though the economy may have advanced, the idea is morally flawed. Carlson, an Episcopal, believes America needs politics rather than an unelected administrative state. Politicians, intellectuals and everyday people must believe that there are in fact objective goods and truths.

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Carlson stresses that America needs to recover her relationship with God. Speaking and listening to God is the way to get at the truth. But as Solzhenitsyn said, “men have forgotten God.” Americans are looking forward to Carlson’s return to commenting on current events. He may not be a theologian or literary artist, but he is the ordinary man, the investigator, the jester and even the fool. In his Heritage speech, Carlson proved he can play the prophet, too.

During his speech at the Heritage Foundation, Carlson talked about the need to prayer for the nation more than ever before. But these days, people are hesitant to call for prayer, as it often makes them a target for criticism. Carlson’s statement may have rattled Murdoch, given the increasingly atheist, secular climate.

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It used to be believed that there were topics that could be debated rationally to find a mutually beneficial outcome, but now everyone is inundated with lies and falsehoods that are pushed as truth. Carlson believes that in order to combat this, we need people willing to tell the truth and call upon God for help.

The lies that permeate so much of our society are damaging our economy and the soul of our nation. Carlson suggests that more than policy papers, we need prayer to help combat the falsehoods rampant in our society today.

Carlson admires everyday people, executives, and others in big organizations that refuse to engage in the dangerous and destructive lies that are damaging our economy and nation. People need to stand up and say something when lies are being pushed. America needs to recover the notion of truth under God if she is to recover.

Instead of urging everyone to be on the same team, despite our political parties, Carlson believes that there are certain issues that cannot be debated politically. It’s essential to recognize that some things are just plain immoral. Carlson urges people to stand up to falsities and not let them become the norm within our society.

Yellen’s argument that our economy advanced because women could abort their children may be flawed. Carlson believes that we need to focus on what’s right morally, rather than just advances in our economy. Since America needs politics rather than an unelected administrative state, we must strive towards finding objective truths and goals.

Carlson calls upon Americans to try and tell the truth. While it’s difficult in the current cultural climate, he believes that it has a lasting impact. When more people tell the truth, they become stronger and feel better mentally. Carlson urges ordinary people to stand up to their bosses and tell them when they’re spouting lies or falsehoods.

He may not be a literary artist or theologian, but Carlson’s speech at the Heritage Foundation proved that he is capable of playing the role of a prophet. He often acts as the ordinary man, the investigator, the jester, and even the fool. Carlson believes that America must recover the notion of truth under God, and the way to get there is to speak and listen to God.

Carlson cautioned that our public life is now filled with constant lies and pressure to repeat falsehoods over and over. Americans need to be able to recognize dogmas about gender, diversity and equity that may not make logical sense, and resist the urge to accept them without question. Rather than calling for more policy papers, Carlson believes America needs prayer.

Carlson concludes that even if America doesn’t become a confessional state of any kind, all involved must believe in objective truths and an objective good. If America is to experience any kind of progress, it’s essential to focus on what’s true and moral, rather than what advances our economy.


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