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Tucker Carlson Set to Launch New Conservative Talk Show on Twitter

Twitter Gains Potential to Influence Upcoming Presidential Elections


Previously let go from Fox News, Tucker Carlson is about to launch a new version of his widely watched conservative talk show on Twitter later this month. As confirmed by reports, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on Wednesday at 6 pm ET, will declare his candidacy for the presidential elections in 2024 during one of Twitter’s latest features, the Twitter Spaces discussion, with the owner of the service, Elon Musk.

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Also, the conservative news site The Daily Wire has declared that it will bring its entire podcasts slate to Twitter, beginning next week. These events highlight how Twitter has now gained more potential than ever to influence the forthcoming presidential elections.

Twitter is certain to be at the center of the 2024 primary season and the general election between the Democrat’s incumbent, Joe Biden, and the Republican’s final chosen candidate. The conservative side is utilizing Twitter’s platform to their advantage, with leading GOP candidates announcing their candidacy and podcasts from the most influential sites in conservative media.

Tucker Carlson is already using the platform to his advantage with his latest Twitter show. This leaves no doubt that Twitter will soon be a significant player in the business of presidential politics

The publicity resulting from political announcements and podcasts on Twitter could also positively impact Twitter’s business. As the company is in dire need to step up Twitter Blue subscriptions and wooing back advertisers, these events can be a considerable opportunity. Nonetheless, marking virtue as serious commentary, among other things, is short-sighted because it raises other conspicuous issues. Despite Elon Musk lifting Donald Trump’s account ban, Trump has not shown any indication that he will come back to Twitter. Providing him with a platform can mean that the company is supporting his previous online rhetoric.

The significance of Twitter’s acquisition and the politics surrounding it played an essential role in the whole business of the presidential elections. It is uncertain if Twitter’s increasing centrality is also contributing to the reduced relevance of Fox News. Statistically speaking, in recent months, Fox News has observed a meaningful decline in viewership. Earlier, Tucker Carlson used to dominate the news talk space; now, he is on Twitter. It’s safe to say that any show benefiting more from Twitter’s larger audience and engagement is Tucker Carlson’s new version of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Musk is known for his tweets against the ‘woke mind virus,’ and his acquisition of Twitter less than a year ago will have a considerable impact on the business of presidential politics. He has also just announced a new CEO, ensuring an even steadier hand on the wheel. Additionally, Musk’s recent censorship request from Turkey’s government, ahead of the presidential election there, raises speculation about his stance on censorship. Implicitly, it also hints at how Twitter’s centrality may somewhat compromise the authenticity of political content and information

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Cable news has never shied away from promoting erroneous material, so it would be shortsighted and ridiculous to blame it solely on Twitter. Along with viewership, the cable news medium is in secular decline, so Twitter’s acquisition and shift towards conservatism can be seen as a turnaround for the medium. Twitter is not openly hostile to conservatives like other social media sites, making it stand out and avoid being excessively scrutinized by its users. A cheat code for happiness is unnecessary, but being able to unfollow a profile that doesn’t align with your ideology is one of the many benefits Twitter provides. When it becomes too much, users can put down their phones and enjoy other aspects of their lives.

Twitter, the up and coming platform for conservatives, is at the center of the 2024 Presidential Election. This political season will be centered around Twitter, as it is a crucial platform for candidates to express their ideas to the American public. Tucker Carlson’s new show will undeniably shake things up on the platform and promote a conservative agenda, alongside DeSantis’s announcement and The Daily Wire’s podcasts. Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk and its shift towards conservatism provides hopeful prospects for the party, despite users being skeptical about Musk’s stance on censorship. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that viewers are at liberty to disconnected from Twitter when it becomes too much.


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