Draft Tucker PAC Aims to Recruit Tucker Carlson for a Possible Presidential Run

Marketing Tactic Seeks to Encourage Tucker Carlson for a 2024 Presidential Campaign


The Draft Tucker PAC has recently launched after Tucker Carlson was ousted from his position as a former Fox News host. Their latest ad praises Tucker Carlson for his ability to mock ‘woke nonsense’. Its aim is to pull the GOP presidential field to the right.

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The PAC sponsors this hybrid ad, which was introduced on conservative Newsmax cable channel and is set to air for a week. The campaign compares the witty former Fox News host to the late Rush Limbaugh.

The ad states that ‘Republicans need a new leader, and Tucker Carlson is ready to lead’. It adds that ‘no one in America is more articulate and pins down leftists in both parties better than Tucker’. With the concomitant concern of Carlson’s former primetime hosting being disposed of, a Carlson presidential run might just be a realistic possibility, Chris Ekstrom, a GOP donor and former Texas congressional candidate and PAC’s chairman, stated.

But with the contention of former President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), not meeting their expectations, the PAC regards Carlson’s entrance into the race in a reasonable amount of time and continuing on the same territory that he was covering at Fox as a ‘rude awakening for both President Trump and Governor DeSantis’.

Charlie Kolean, who is employed as the PAC’s executive director and is a GOP political consultant, believes voter enthusiasm for Carlson will influence the rest of the primary field and that their recruitment campaign corresponding to a presidential run will ‘move the conversation to the right with candidates taking more solid stances instead of being a moderate Republican’. Although Carlson has repeatedly dismissed the idea of running for the White House, Kolean believes that the drive to advise him to do so will ‘make sense for those who want to see him as a candidate’.

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The Republican presidential candidate and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy said that if Carlson were to run for presidential office, he would make ‘a good addition to the race’ when Carlson was ousted from Fox News. Ekstrom thinks Carlson has been ‘testing the water for quite a while’ as he has been invited to speak on various occasions, including the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa in 2022.

The PAC is ‘exceptionally well-funded’ and intends to spend at least $150,000 on just name recognition alone, Kolean conveyed. The PAC will sponsor polls and expand to radio and digital ads with yet-to-be-announced boards consisting of ‘major conservatives’. According to Ekstrom, money won’t be a problem. There seems to be an active effort by the PAC to encourage Carlson for a 2024 presidential election.

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Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News host, recently got a political action committee to launch a new campaign ad to endorse him as President. The Draft Tucker PAC sponsors this ad, which praises Carlson for his wit and his ability to take ‘woke nonsense’ while challenging all parties. The PAC came into effect in late April, shortly after Carlson’s departure from Fox News.

The ad is set to run on the conservative Newsmax cable channel during the following week, promoting Carlson as a more assertive Republican option to lead the country after the term of Joe Biden. With his uncanny skill to take on the left and omnidirectional appeal, the campaign states that ‘Republicans need a new leader, and Tucker Carlson is ready to lead’.

According to Chris Ekstrom, chairman of the PAC and a former Texas congressional candidate and GOP donor, the idea of this PAC was tabled prior to Carlson’s elimination from Fox News. It, however, became doable after he was no longer a primetime host. The goal of the PAC now is to bring Carlson to the White House as they feel that former President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) don’t meet their expectations.

The campaign argues that Tucker Carlson can influence the primary debate by taking things to the right. Charlie Kolean, the PAC’s executive director, is a GOP consultant that thinks Carlson’s candidacy can surely ‘move the conversation to the right with candidates taking more solid stances instead of being a moderate Republican’.

Despite Tucker Carlson’s repeated denial of the possibility of him running for office, Charlie Kolean thinks that the recruitment campaign makes sense for those who want him as a candidate even if Carlson is not fully considering a presidential run right now. According to Kolean, just like former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson launched a run in 2016 following a well-funded Draft Ben Carson super PAC formed when he once claimed he had no desire to do so.

The PAC is ‘exceptionally well-funded’ believes Kolean, and they plan to spend at least $150,000 in building name recognition itself. The PAC also aims to sponsor polls and expand to radio and digital advertising. Their board consists of ‘major conservatives’ although never announced. For the chairman, Chris Eckstrom, money is never going to be a problem.

A marketing tactic to persuade previous Fox-chosen journalist, Tucker Carlson, to run for President has arrived with an advertisement from a political organization called Draft Tucker PAC. The ad praises Carlson for his talent at mocking ‘woke nonsense’ and his ability to take on both the left and right. The Draft Tucker PAC seeks to drive the GOP presidential field to the right.

The campaign aims to create a new leader for the Republican Party and believes that Carlson is the best candidate to fill that position. The ad, scheduled for a week on Newsmax, compares the witty Carlson to the legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh. The PAC sees this initiative as a ‘realistic opportunity’ now that Carlson is no longer a primetime host. Chris Ekstrom, the PAC’s chairman and a former Texas congressional candidate and GOP contributor, doubts whether former President Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will push the debate far enough, preferring a more substantial right-leaning candidate.

Charlie Kolean, the GOP political consultant who serves as PAC’s executive director, believes that even if Carlson is not involved in a presidential run right now, the drive to maneuver him there would ‘move the conversation to the right, just in a macro way, with candidates taking more solid stances instead of being a moderate Republican’. Experts believe that even if Carlson is not genuinely interested in running, a well-funded Draft Tucker PAC could persuade him to make the jump.

Tucker Carlson is known for his conservative views, which is why the ‘Draft Tucker PAC’ chose him to run for President. The PAC filed their paperwork in April and recently released an advertisement that refuses the principles of ‘woke culture’. They believe that he could make a good leader for the GOP and lead them back to the right despite Carlson’s denials of the idea and stating that he could do it if he were the ‘last person on earth’.

However, the PAC thinks it is reasonable to believe Carlson has ‘tested the waters’ for quite some time and could be brought on at any moment through their well-funded recruitment campaign which makes sense for those eager to see him as a candidate. The PAC’s yet-to-be-announced board will be all conservative, and they believe money will not be an issue. They hope to run polls and expand to radio and digital ads.

The Draft Tucker PAC is a political action committee that promotes the candidacy of the ex-Fox News host for President. The advertisement currently being run on Newsmax claims that he is the most eloquent person in America who can take on leftist policies from both parties. The ad credits him with wit and the ability to ‘mock woke nonsense,’ and they believe he could beat Joe Biden in a debate.

Chris Ekstrom is the chairman of the PAC and a financial contributor to their campaign. He is a former Republican candidate for Texas’ congressional seat. Charlie Kolean, who handles the funds of the PAC, is sure that Tucker Carlson will make a big impact on the Republican Party, moving the conversation more solidly to the right. The PAC aims to sponsor polls, take its advertising to radio and digital mediums, and expand its reach. They have not announced their board yet, but they are confident that money is not going to be a problem.


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