Trump Arrest Will Lead to LANDSLIDE Victory for Trump – Elon Musk Says

Will The Indictment of Donald Trump Be a Catalyst in His Re-Election?


Earlier this morning, Elon Musk, predicted that if Donald Trump gets arrested this week, he will get re-elected in a landslide. The momentum this could cause for Donald Trump would be massive.

Elon Musk was responding to a news segment that detailed the Manhattan DA’s looming Indictment. District Attorney Alvin Bragg is close to his decision on whether or not he will be charging Trump for the hush-money payment made to Stormy Daniel’s during the 2016 presidential election.

Trump posted on Truth Social saying that “illegal leaks” states “the far & away leading Republican candidate & former president of the United States of America, will be arrested on Tuesday of next week.”


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Trump continued in saying, “Protest, take our nation back!” calling on supporters to protest his potential arrest. This response had to be made as all signs point to the Grand Jury, assembled by DA Bragg, filing the charges.

Trumps Attorney at the time, Daniel Cohen, testified before the grand jury earlier this week. AFter Cohens testimony almost every name associated with this trial was summoned to appear in front of the grand jury.

Trump was also asked to appear in front of the Grand Jury. Trumps attorney replied and said he would be declining the offer. This is also a sign that charges are coming.

The Grand Jurys investigation all begins from when Cohen admitted to making a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels leading up to the 2016 Presidential election. This was for her to remain silent about the affair she had with President Trump.

There is nothing illegal about paying someone and signing an NDA to keep news quiet. The issue comes in if these funds were tied to the campaign or if they were personal funds.


Daniel Cohen also pleaded guilty to a variety of charges in 2018, one of which was for a campaign finance violation related to the payment. He was sentenced to a few years in prison and then was released during the start of the pandemic to finish his sentence on house arrest.

Cohen said he made the payment to Daniels on behalf of President Trump and that Trump reimbursed him for it and denied that it came out of the campaign funds. The Trump administration stated that the payment to Cohen was a legal expense.


If charges are successfully filed against Trump, this would be the first time any former US President is criminally indicted. This is all being done to interrupt his run at his 2024 pending campaign for president.


Trumps Attorney Joe Tacopina, said to The New York Daily News that Trump would not refuse to surrender himself if he is charged in the case.

Another Trump Spokesperson, said that Donald Trump has not yet formally been notified about the charges. Trump only knows this info from the illegal leaks and the “witch hunt” Attorney Bragg has been conducting.


Trump has bashed Bragg’s investigation as politically motivated. Steven Cheung, Trump Campaign spokesperson, stated last week that Trump is “totally innocent.” Cheung said this will “backfire massively” for Democrats and the country.

New York law enforcement officials have been preparing security ahead of the Trump indictment. The NYPD and FBI have also been given attention to the possibility of threats against Bragg and his staff coming to light.


Juanita Broaddrick – “Theres something very evil going and sadistic going on. Am I the only one who thinks this?”




“A Trump Indictment would be a National Disaster. It is un-American for the ruling party to us police power to arrest its political rivals.”


“Bought and paid for by George Sauros.” – Rudy Giuliani


Is this a coincidence or is this the real news they are covering up? Biden’s family getting paid by China getting swept under the rug.


At the minimum this has woken the American people up and the sentiment is starting to change.This will be a monumental event one way or the other.

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MTG is pushing to impeach Biden during all of this.






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