Cuban Embassy Attacked In France, Cuba Blames USA

In Paris the Cuba embassy to France was attacked Monday with Molotov cocktails.

Cuban officials have taken to blaming the United States for the fiery assault. Though, this attack happened outside of United States jurisdiction, and was not committed by American citizens. 

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Fox News reported, Bruno Rodriguez, the foreign minister, blamed the attack on the U.S. government and its “continuous campaigns against our country that encourages these behaviors and for calls to violence, with impunity, from its territory.”

The Cuban government has placed blame on the U.S. since protests broke out earlier in the month. At first, Havana blamed Washington for orchestrating the protests and then criticized the embargo that they say suffocates its economy. 

Though Cuba is still able to trade with nearly all other countries, they blame America for their economic sufferage rather than their chosen economic system. 

Cuban officials also presume that the United States government incited, encouraged, or conducted the attack on their embassy. 

This seems as nothing more than a far fetched conspiracy theory. The executive branch of America’s government has lightly danced around the issue of political protest in Cuba. 


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