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Whistleblowers Highlight Concerns Over Impartiality of Ongoing Hunter Biden Investigation

Whistleblowers Critical to Upholding Ethical Standards and the Public’s Trust in Agencies


Hunter Biden, son of current president Joe Biden, has been under federal investigation since 2018. Whistleblowers have now revealed that the administration has mishandled the investigation and potentially shielded evidence of a criminal scheme involving Joe Biden when he was vice president. The protocol is that whistleblowers should report to their supervisors, but when compromised, they can report to the inspector general of the agency to communicate with Congress when appropriate.

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An IRS employee has recently come forward and claimed that the Biden administration has mishandled the federal investigation into Hunter Biden. The whistleblower reached out to several committees through their attorney to expose clear conflicts of interest in the investigation. Reports suggest that the “senior political appointee” mentioned may be Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s “tax affairs” began in 2018 after reports of suspicious activity were discovered. In 2020, it was made known that there was an existing money laundering investigation in which Hunter Biden’s laptop was subpoenaed by the FBI. Whistleblowers have alleged that there’s preferential treatment in the investigation because of the connection to the current President.

Another whistleblower is alleging that the FBI and the Justice Department possesses a document that details a criminal scheme involving Joe Biden and a foreign national. The FBI refused to comply with the subpoena, citing potential repercussions. The House Judiciary Committee and its Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government spoke with FBI whistleblowers and discovered politicization within the bureau.

This isn’t the first time that whistleblowers have exposed issues in the Biden administration. Several have come forward regarding the agency’s treatment of the Hunter Biden probe, the IRS and the FBI, highlighting a trend of apparent disregard for established procedures. This pattern demonstrates a failure of leadership within the administration.

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Whistleblowers within the IRS have come forward with information on the Biden administration’s mishandling of the Hunter Biden investigation. The employee contacted both Republicans and Democrats across several committees, expressing concern that the investigation may not be impartial. This whistleblower also made protected disclosures internally and to the inspector general, showing their commitment to transparency and proper procedure.

According to reports, the “senior political appointee” mentioned in the whistleblower’s claims regarding the Hunter Biden probe could be the Attorney General, who’s previous testimony may conflict with the actions of the administration in relation to the investigation. As the country’s highest legal authority, it is crucial that the attorney general remains impartial and enforces the law without any trace of bias.

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The investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs reportedly began amid the discovery of suspicious activity reports related to funds received from China and other foreign governments. This investigation has been ongoing since 2018. Recently, FBI whistleblowers have stated that the investigation may not be proceeding properly because of improper political influence.

Another whistleblower has come forward with allegations that the FBI and Justice Department obtained a document detailing a criminal scheme involving President Joe Biden when he served as vice president and a foreign national. The FBI has refused to comply with the subpoena requesting the document due to potential harm to privacy or reputation, indicating more concerns of political interference.

The whistleblowers within the FBI that spoke to the House Judiciary Committee exposed disturbing allegations of politicization within the agency. These whistleblowers accuse the FBI of targeting groups with certain beliefs and attending certain public meetings. The agency defended its actions, arguing that the clearances of those whistleblowers were suspended for their non-compliance.

Whistleblowers contribute to the upholding of the law and act as the first line of defense against corruption. The cases of whistleblowers exposing misconduct in the Biden administration, specifically in the Hunter Biden probe, highlights the importance of transparency and impartiality in accordance with the law. Improper handling of cases of misconduct can compromise the integrity of agencies and harm the public’s trust in government institutions.

The current administration’s apparent pattern of mismanagement is evident from the various whistleblower allegations that have come to light. Transparency and following due process is critical in preventing allegations of impropriety of high-ranking public officials, like the President and the Attorney General. Proper procedures must be followed to ensure the continued trust of the citizens in the agencies responsible for upholding the law.

The affidavit of the whistleblowers indicates that politics have improperly influenced decisions of law enforcement professionals. This is especially concerning when it revolves around a high-profile case that implicates the President’s family. The public must be assured that the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs is being conducted independently, and appropriate procedures are followed.

Whistleblowers are critical to maintain ethical standards and create a culture of responsible decision-making within agencies. Agencies protect whistleblowers’ identities and prevent retaliation against them for complaints of misconduct or corruption. Their revelations hold public officials accountable by exposing ethical lapses and potential abuse of power.

The information provided by whistleblowers is essential to preserve and protect the integrity of agencies and the public’s trust in them. The allegations against the Biden administration regarding the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs and the politicization within the FBI raise significant concerns for the administration’s impartiality and transparency.

The behavior of public officials, including the President and the Attorney General, must be carefully scrutinized for any instances of impropriety that could affect their impartiality. Whistleblowers’ information provides the public with a layer of transparency and accountability that is difficult to achieve through other means. Their commitment to transparency and disclosure is essential to ensure that decision-making within agencies adheres to ethical standards and legal requirements.


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