Congressional Staffer Arrested After Gun Found At Checkpoint

A congressional staffer was caught attempting to enter a congressional office building with a gun but was stopped by metal detectors. 

Fox reported, A House aide was arrested trying to clear security at a congressional office building with a gun in his bag Thursday, prompting the U.S. Capitol Police to warn staffers to take safety precautions.

The man was Jeffrey Allsbrooks, a staff member in the House Chief Administrative Office – a nonpartisan outfit that provides “support services and business solutions” to House offices. 

The handgun was picked up by the checkpoints x-ray imaging device. It wasn’t until after the staffer had left the screening area that they saw the image. Only 4 minutes later he was arrested. 

Allsbrooks will now be charged for carrying a handgun without a license. He told Capitol Officers that he had simply forgotten that the gun was in his bag. 

The USCP issued an alert to members of Congress warning that they must get inside the nearest office and stay away from windows. 

The precaution had been taken despite no other potential threats on Capitol Hill having existed that particular morning.