Russia Will End Invasion If Ukraine Meets These Demands

Russia has offered Ukraine a list of demands to be fulfilled in order to end its invasion. 

Russia demands that Ukraine cease all military action, constitutionally ban the joining of NATO, and other western pacts, recognize Crimea as Russian territory, relinquish Ukrainian land to two Russian separatist groups and recognize their sovereignty. 

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Russia remains unwilling to refer to their attack as an “invasion” but rather continues to label it a “special military operation”. Russia has agreed to end the “oppression” if the before-listed demands are met. 

President Putin however, does not seem to be in a great place for negotiation, and demands. The west continues to hammer Russia with an onslaught of economic sanctions, all the while those military appears struggling to fight in Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian people appear far from surrender. As they continue to fight, they’ve only looked to the west for more help. Many officials have called for a no-fly zone to be developed around Kyiv. 

The only issue is that in order to enforce a no-fly zone the United States or another western power would have to put troops in Ukrainian airspace. This would be seen by Russia as a formal entry into the conflict, which would likely queue a world war. 

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Thus far, NATO has denied requests to establish a no-fly zone around Kyiv due to the potential to escalate the situation into a greater conflict. 


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