California Will Require An Understanding Of CRT To Graduate

California has become the first state that will require “ethnic studies” as a requirement for high-school graduation. The new curriculum will take effect during the 2029-2030 school year. 

The LA Times reported,  After more than five years of intense scrutiny and effort, California on Friday became the first state to make ethnic studies a required class for high school graduation to help students understand the past and present struggles and contributions of Black, Asian, Latino, Native/Indigenous Americans and other groups that have experienced racism and marginalization in America.

According to the Times, Critical Race Theory is rarely mentioned in the teaching guide, however under “Chapter 3: Instructional Guidance for K-12 education” it states “critical race theory, and intersectionality, which are key theoretical frameworks and pedagogies that can be used in ethnic studies research and instruction.”

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Under “Chapter 6: UC-Approved Course Outlines” of the teaching guide it states  “Students will be introduced to the concept critical race theory as they highlight and discuss the Morris reading in small groups. (Morris, Wesley. “Fast Forward: Why a movie about car thieves is the most progressive force in American cinema.”).”

The chapter goes on to explain “One of the main focuses of ethnic studies is translating historical lessons and critical race theory into direct action for social justice. In this section I will address the instructional methods used to develop the content knowledge and skills necessary for student empowerment and social action on a school and community level”

Upon reading the guide, it will become abundantly obvious that Critical Race Theory plays an integral role in the new curriculum.

Critical race theory originally started as a course taught to graduate students seeking an education higher than a bachelor’s degree. 

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K-12 teacher simply do not typically posses the   Education and skill necessary to teach a concept that is intended to be taught to graduates. 


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