This Is Who May Replace Cuomo As Governor Of New York

Who will take Cuomo’s place after his resignation as Governor? 

As of right now, nobody. At least not for the next 14 days. After 14 days his resignation will be officially effective, and Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul will step in and finish the remainder Cuomo’s term. 

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After Hochul? New York’s next Gubernatorial election will take place in 2022. Who’s actually running may be unclear for awhile. 

However, we can predict based on what the polls say. 

Surprisingly despite the Attorney Generals report that concluded Andrew Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women, he was still the popular candidate among Democrat voters. 

A poll by Slingshot Strategies showed that 26% of democrats would have voted for him again. 

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With Cuomo out of the race, ironically Letitia James polls highest. Letitia James is the Attorney General who released the damning report that led to the current governors resignation. 

James polled at 9%, followed by AOC with 8% and Kirstin Gellibrand at 6%.

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It’s unlikely that Lt. Gov Hochul would be re-elected after finishing Cuomo’s term as she only polls at 4%.

Democrat voters seem very divided in New York without Cuomo leading the herd. Could this open the door for a Republican Governor? 


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