Brooklyn Center Resident Fearful of Returning Home

After the shooting if Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, the area especially near the police station has been a hot spot for unrest.

The issue now, is that residents who live near the station are actually afraid to return to their homes due to the thought of what may happen. 

Some residents including Jamiya Crayton claim that while the protests may be dwindling, the community at large is left in chaos. 

“The protesters, the officers, and now my two kids with autism are too scared to come home because they think something is going to happen.” Crayton said. 

Striking fear into the hearts of autistic children and destroying the livelihood of small business owners. That is what BLM and ANTIFA are accomplishing. 

Fox reported that children in the area have become “traumatized” due to the usage of chemicals and flash bangs. All of which would not need to be used if protestors listened to police orders. 

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Lawfully and peacefully assemble, no fires, no looting, no vandalism. If the protest is declared an unlawful assembly, go home. Don’t get in the faces of officers. Don’t threaten them. 


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