NYC School: No More Words Like ‘Mom’, ‘Dad’ or ‘Boy’, ‘Girl’

Our society continues to progress in reverse. A New York City private school has released a guide on how kids should and should not speak to one another. 

In this guide the k-12 students of The Grace Church School in Noho are told not to use words like “mom, dad, parents or babysitter”. instead they must use words like “guardian, folks, family, or caregiver” to avoid making assumptions that leave other students out. 

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They have also eliminated gender specific words/phrases. Their guide has gone so far that it instructs students to say completely different words when the terms appear on a page. 

The New York Post wrote: 

“The document also states how to use appropriate terms relating to gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity.

Instead of asking a person, “What are you? Where are you from?,” the query should be, “What is your cultural/ethnic background? Where are your ancestors/is your family from?,” according to Grace’s guide.”

We face a movement of ultra progressives that expect everyone (even small children) to be as hyper specific in their language as humanly possible to avoid any single person from feeling left out in any way. 

This is not how the world operates, and human beings should not feel as though they are navigating a mine field any time that interact with another person. 

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The Grace Church School is a private school and can create whatever rules they wish. More issues will arise if rules like these sneak their way into public schools.  


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