BLM Advocate Denied Bail For Threats Against Kim Potter Judge

Thirty-two-year-old Cortez Rice, an alleged relative of George Floyd is accused of threatening the judge who presided over the Kim Potter homicide case. Rice is a known supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and has been denied bail.

Fox News reported, The latest charge of felony harassment, among others, stems from Rice’s actions on Nov. 6 when he allegedly live-streamed himself inside a downtown Minneapolis condominium where he believed Hennepin County Judge Regina Chu lived. Chu had previously barred cameras from the courtroom where Potter’s trial was held, prompting Rice to allegedly make threatening remarks towards her and demand she reverse her order. 

Not only did Rice threaten a sitting judge hoping to sway a case, but he filmed himself committing the act and streamed it live to an audience. The resounding evidence created by the defendant will undoubtedly result in an open and shut case. 

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It was determined that Rice is a potential flight risk resulting in a denial of bail. The man has in the past been convicted of a felony and has a long history of violating probation. 

His attorney even suggested Rice be given bail but made to wear an ankle monitor. He was painted as a community leader and activist. Still, the request was denied. Rice would not be released until his parole violation is sorted out.

Prosecutors pointed out, that among his probation violations were leaving the state of Minnesota without the permission of the officer that he was made to report to.

It is also worth noting, that Rice alleged that there were cameras in the courtroom during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in an apparent attempt to intimidate jurors. “I ain’t even going to name the people that I know that’s up in the Kenosha trial. But there’s cameras in there, there’s definitely camera’s up in there and there’s definitely people taking pictures of the jury and everything like that, so we need the same results,” He said in a social media video.

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If one thing is for sure, Rice has a knack for incriminating himself.


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