Biden Considers Stripping Trump Right To National Intelligence Briefs

When a President leaves office at the end of their term, They remain entitled to a number of things. One such thing is National Intelligence briefings.

Former Presidents serve as an advisor to the current President. Obama was briefed on National Intelligence when he left office as was his predecessor.

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Why should Trump be stripped of his Presidential right? The answer simply put is: Because democrats do not like him. Democrats will do whatever they can to bring Donald Trump to his knees.

Adam schiff calls for Biden to relinqish trumps acess to briefings.

Currently the Biden Administration is reviewing Trump’s access to classified briefings. They are contemplating whether they should revoke his access to the material or not.

But why would they revoke his access? It begs the question, what is Biden hiding, or what does he plan on needing to hide? If Trump took these measures against Obama it would be branded an “abuse of power”

The countless double standards on part of the Biden Administration are in no way surprising but remain frustrating to those still backing President Trump.


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