Bill Maher Calls Joe Biden A HACK

“Okay, that’s not a bad person, but you’re a hack” Liberal Bill Maher said about Joe Biden in a recent podcast. 

Maher reinforced that he doesn’t believe that the President is evil, but he does believe that he is a political hack driven by an agenda. He also said the same about Donald Trump. 

“He’s been around for a long time,” he said. Joe Biden served in congress from 1973 to 2009 when he became Barack Obama’s Vice President. Since then, he has constantly pivoted on key issues. From gay marriage and abortion to drugs and crime, Joe Biden can’t get a hold on his ideas.

“If he’s a hack, then what are these other guys?” Maher was asked. He responded by saying “worse – a hack is not the worst thing in the world.” 

Maher has attracted his fair share of liberal hate in recent months as he continues to give opinions unpopular among his viewer base. He often bashes Biden and defends conservatives when he feels a wrong has been done. 

The comedian claims that he has not moved farther right, but rather his party has moved farther left while he stood still. This is similar to claims made by Elon Musk who also says that he is a liberal who is now considered a right-winger because he supports free speech.