Comedian Attends City Council Meeting, Claims To Be Trans

Comedian Alex Stein has gone viral again after attending a Plano City Council meeting in a women’s swimsuit.

In videos from the meeting, Stein can be seen introducing himself as “Alexandria Stein” and claiming he’s “here today to call out transphobia” in Plano.

Stein then removes his robe to reveal he is wearing a women’s swimsuit, along with a swim cap and goggles.

He continues to point out that he looks like a woman but isn’t allowed to swim on the city of Plano swim league because of transphobia.

Stein also brings up Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer from the University of Pennsylvania.

“But you guys are going to sit here and you’re not going to take me seriously, you’re going to laugh at me,” Stein says. “I’m trying to compete! And yes, I was born a boy. So what, guys? This is 2022. It doesn’t matter what you were born”.

“Ketanji Brown Jackson even said she doesn’t even know what a woman is, so then I’m a woman!” Stein added in reference to the Supreme Court Judge nominee who said she could not define a “woman”.

“Tell the City of Plano swim league to let me compete against the ladies,” Stein demanded. “I’ve been on hormone blockers for nearly two weeks now, and like I said, I’m so messed up from them that I’m probably going to lose anyway”.

Stein reportedly appears at city council meetings across the country with similar acts.