Cuomo On Soaring Crime: ‘YOU FIGURE IT OUT’

As crime soars in New York, and citizens struggle to own fire arms, Governor Andrew Cuomo is too busy repairing his political career to be bothered. 

The Daily Caller wrote: 

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“Gov. Cuomo’s contempt for gun owners and the firearm industry dates back over two decades to his time as Housing and Urban Development Secretary for former President Bill Clinton and has continued throughout his tenure as New York’s top executive. Now he’s announced he’s eyeing a run for a fourth term next year. But as New Yorkers face a spiking violent crime epidemic and severely limited gun rights due to Cuomo’s flawed, and ironically named, NY SAFE Act, New York’s top executive assuaged Empire State gun owners’ concerns with, “You figure it out!”

It seems to be a reoccurring trend in poorly ran democratic cities and states. Guns are restricted but criminals continue to obtain them. Crime soars and the leaders don’t care. 

For a long time Cuomo was revered as a great leader by many, but has always characterized what a careless and selfish leader looks like. 


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