Biden Cognitive Ability Challenged By Former White House Physician

Since Biden first announced his campaign for President of The United States, and even before Americans have constantly questioned the control he has (or doesn’t have) over his own words and actions. 

Back in July of 2020 Donald Trump challenged the now President to a cognitive test. Trump claimed that he “aced it”. 

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Now, former White House physician Ronnie Jackson and 13 Republican legislators have requested that Biden take a test that would test his true cognitive ability. The want Biden to prove his ability to run America as its “commander in chief”.

“The American people should have absolute confidence in their President. They deserve to know that he or she can perform the duties of Head of State and Commander in Chief,” a letter from Jackson and the legislators read. The letter was addressed to the Presidents physician, Kevin O’Connor who was also White House physician during Donald Trump’s tenure. 

Jackson argues that there is already a precedent of cognitive tests in the White House after Donald Trump. He asks Biden to follow the standard. 

In the letter, Biden’s verbl mistakes and confusion are cited. These mistakes include, confusing air-force one with air-force two, confusing the words of the preamble, and forgetting the name of his Defense Secretary. 

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Democrats flipped the situation on Jackson and accused him of alcoholism and questioned his own mental state.


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