Queen Elizabeth II Of England Passes Away At Age 96

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The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch of Britain, passed away at age 96. 

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Due to Elizabeth’s extraordinarily long rule, most British citizens have never lived in the country with a different sovereign in charge. Elizabeth was the monarch for 70 years starting in 1952.

NBC reported, Large crowds are gathering outside Buckingham Palace in central London, while tributes pour in from across the country and the world. Fears had been growing about the queen’s health as the royal family rushed to Scotland to be by her side after Buckingham Palace said she had been placed under medical supervision.

It was reported that the sovereign passed away peacefully in her sleep at Balmoral early Thursday morning according to a statement from the family. 

So what happens now? Many have hoped that the monarchy would fizzle out with the Queen, but this is not the case. 

Her successor will be King Charles III, the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II. His wife Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall will be given her new title “Queen Consort” once Charles is crowned. 

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In the past, Camilla was given a lesser title of “princess consort” due to Charles’ previous marriage, though the Queen has made it clear that she hopes Camilla will be given the “Queen consort” title. 

Charles immediately became the King of England when his mother died according to common law, though he hasn’t been formally crowned yet. 

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Now, the nation will memorialize its former queen with “Operation London Bridge” according to the New York Times. 


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