Shaun King Threatens NYP Reporters

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Despite his threats to leave Twitter, Shaun King remains at large on the bird-themed platform and has threatened a New York Post reporter, claiming that he knows where she lives. 

King is a radical white BLM activist known for his Twitter rants. 

Fox reported King posted images of New York Post reporters with lengthy threats against them, starting with Isabel Vincent on Wednesday.

He said, “To Isabel Vincent of the @NYPost. You posted my house online. And caused white supremacists to show up at my doorstep to terrify my wife and kids. You interrupted our entire lives doing so. You knew that would happen when you published my home. But you did it anyway. And you did it without consequence. I know where you live. Where you used to live. Where your family lives. Where they work. Where they play. How you move around New York. And the Hamptons. And a few thousand other people know now as well.”

As opposed to posting a story about someone’s home, King’s words appear to be a well-planned out threat with intent and action. King seems to have if his statements are true done his research. 

Vincent’s post states that King lives in a 5 bedroom lake-front home, in North Brunswick, New Jersey. The home is 3,000 square feet and every detail is public information. 

“Here’s the thing. You can attack me. And giggle about it to your peers and your family. That’s fine. But I’m going to at least make it uncomfortable for you. You aren’t going to post about my personal life without consequence. And you can keep doing it. And I’ll keep doing this. And I’ll go deeper. Soon I’m going to write articles about where you live and where your family lives. That’s what you did to me. You push harder. I’ll return it back to you. That’s the game we are playing now,” he added. 

Later King made a post on Instagram that said the following, “I tell you what. For the pain and misery that people caused my wife and kids, I’m going to start redistributing that pain right back to you. That’s my word. I’ve been far too kind to all of you that have disrupted my life and made my wife and kids cry. Not going to accept it. Cross my family again and see what happens. And I’m backdating this promise a few years.” 

This is a clear and concise threat.