AOC Blames Heavy Rain in New York on Climate Change

The crumbling, crime-ridden cesspool formally known as New York City has come to resemble an actual pool than usual. Flash-flooding brought on intense rains this week overwhelmed the city’s pumping capabilities resulting in floodwaters sweeping into low-lying streets and subway stations alike.

The villains behind this disaster? Why, Alexandria Cortez knows, of course! It is the executives at the petrol companies, obviously.

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Is it ironic when a progressive is advocating for the cessation of change in the climate, wanting things to go back to the way they were years before?

Does climate change exist? It would be odd to suggest that it doesn’t; archaeologists have proven beyond much doubt that the world has swung from various extremes in climate. For many millions of years, the Earth was almost entirely tropical, as well the Earth has been through various periods of long-term, freezing temperatures. The Quaternary, which was the latest and shortest lasting ice age, was a mere 2.6 million years ago. Is it so much of a stretch to suggest that we are all simply still in a state of thaw from that previous ice age?

Climatologists and their activists are about as good at predicting the end-times as religious scholars.

And while monolithic corporate entities of any kind are a problem as they lobby and buy aspects of government, many of those rallying against oil companies are themselves receiving money from one large backer or another. Don’t think for a second that someone is cutting you a check for your protests and other activities out of kindness and not a self-serving scheme to enrich themselves in the long-term.

New York’s flooding troubles don’t end there. Hurricane Elsa is projected to make landfall within the coming days and land a direct hit on Long Island. With crime and crumbling infrastructure being what they are, expect the looting and dysfunction to reach new and staggering heights once the sky is clear again.


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