Disinformation Governance Board Paused As Jankowicz Resigns

President Biden’s ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ seems to have already failed after only weeks of its establishment. It was revealed by the Department of Homeland Security that board director, Nina Jankowicz would resign after her own history of disinformation spread was uncovered. 

Fox News reported, According to the Washington Post, DHS made the decision on Monday, and that the following morning the board’s leader, Nina Jankowicz, had a resignation letter drafted.

The DHS still at this moment, works to defend Jankowicz and her controversial positions on different issues. They also continue cast doubt on the Hunter Biden laptop story despite corroboration from the New York Times. 

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Jankowicz has a history of weaponizing the Steele Dossier to criticize former President Donald J Trump despite the dossier having been illegitimate and widely discredited. The failed bureaucrat also had claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian disinformation” despite corroboration from the Times, and Hunter a Biden himself has admitted that it was likely true. 

According to Alejandro Mayorkas, who serves as the Secretary of Homeland Security, the board would focus on disinformation from the Russian regime. 

The obvious issue is that the left constantly uses Russia as a scapegoat when they want to discredit something. Hunter Biden’s laptop – Russian disinformation, Donald Trump won the 2016 election – Russian collusion. 


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