Why The United States Is Experiencing A Supply Chain Crisis

The United States is currently experiencing a supply chain crisis, but many Americans have no idea why. 

So, what happened? During the Pandemic demand for commodities was incredibly low. Money was sparse and money was largely being spent only where it needed to be, 

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Many Americans were unemployed and were working with small budgets, saving what they could in case things got worse. 

Now, as lockdowns end employment has skyrocketed, businesses are desperate for employees. The higher employment is, the higher demand for any given product will be. 

Consumers can only spend money, if they’re making money. As employment skyrocketed, demand did too. Now, there are not enough resources such as ships and containers to distribute products. 

Even if there were enough shipping resources, the issue might not be solved. Adequate man power, trucks, and raw materials would still be required. 

The Biden administration has already attempted to blame the crisis on the Trump administration. 

The Independent reported, The Biden administration is attempting to shift the blame for the nation’s current supply chain crisis at the feet of the Trump administration as the nation faces a series of problems with shipping.

“Like many other problems we have inherited, we are tackling the supply chain mess,”  White House chief of staff Ronald Klain said in a tweet. 

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