Anti-Critical Race Theory Bills Hit Numerous Chamber Floors

In the ongoing fight over the teaching of Critical Race Theory, a school of thought dedicated to informing people that their lot in life is overwhelmingly determined by their phenotypes and nothing else, numerous states have passed legislation that restricts CRT’s practice in varying ways. Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas, all passing such laws. CRT has been in practice in academia and government training for some time now, but with its latest push and kids now returning to school next month, public consciousness regarding this system the polarizes students as either “oppressor” or “oppressed” has reached a melting point.

While CRT is marketed as a means to “mend racial inequity” (not to be confused with equality) or “address systematic problems”, the origins of the praxis of CRT can be traced back to Marxist philosophy – a school of thought famed for making everyone equally miserable. The fact is that it is far easier to “equalize” society by tearing the more successful down, rather than build up the “oppressed”. Recall the recent discontinuation of advanced placement courses on several schools due to those students meeting the academic requirements not being enough of a rainbow for activists’ liking.

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CRT does nothing to bridge racial divides, it explicitly demands that any and all things be taken in a process through a racial lens. In other words, everything you were taught about “content of character” taking precedence over genetics isn’t in season anymore, and you can thank the party in power for that.

If orators of CRT did mean to take up an honest conversion regarding race relations and their histories, their scope would be applied broadly and more internationally. Caste systems, and various slave trades – many of which exist to this day – are disregarded in favor of whinging and complaining about acts and policies since done away with to the benefit of millions. Just as BLM is not a pro-black group, but an anti-cop group (made evident by their utter silence in regard to the body count in American cities), CRT is not an anti-racism policy, it is an anti-American policy.

The solution? Perhaps laws are not sufficient. Just as the left has advocated for defunding police in response to what it sees as a problem, perhaps everyone else should try their hand and homeschool and defund public education.

America’s educational ranking in various topics says it’s time anyway.

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