Trump in a ‘Great Mood’ Ahead of Trial

On Wednesday Jason Miller, a former Trump senior advisor told Fox News that Trump was in a great mood as house democrats presented their opening arguments to the senate. 

“The president was in a great mood,” Miller said. “I mean, first of all, he’s in West Palm Beach, Fla. which is a little nicer and warmer than it is in Washington or up in New York and, so, I am a little bit jealous of that. But, otherwise, it was a quick conversation because I had to join Fox News.”

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Despite the trial being declared constitutional, hopefully senate republicans will have the will power to realize how utterly baseless it is. 

After all, before the riot began Trump specifically said “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” Mark Meadows pointed out that democrats conveniently left this line out. 

This riot was the result of a radical fringe group being present. It has nothing to do with the words or actions of the President at the time. 

Much like Trumps condemnation of white supremacy his calls for peaceful protest will be forgotten almost as quickly as they happened. Ignored by the left wing mob.

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