The ‘Party Of Science’ Introduces The ‘Pregnant Man Emoji’

Many speculate that the next set of emoji additions will include a pregnant man. 

The Guardian reported, A pregnant man, a multiracial handshake and a face that cannot bear to watch are some of the emojis that will hit devices over the next year, according to a draft list published by the Unicode Consortium, which approves icons for use.

The new emojis, illustrated by Emojipedia to celebrate World Emoji Day on Saturday, all but complete the consortium’s drive to offer masculine, feminine and gender-neutral versions of every available emoji, as well as a selection of skintones.

In what circumstance would any person use the “pregnant man” emoji in a non-Ironic, non-derogatory manner? Likely not often. 

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This emoji would be legitimately used less often than the cassette tape emoji. In actuality it’s likely usage would most often be to insult others. 

Several years ago there was a revolver pistol emoji on Apple devices. As society softened and became weaker, it was dropped and substituted with a green squirt gun. 

This shows an obvious appeal by the tech giant to one isle of the political spectrum. 

The liberal left values trans issues over gun ownership, and the conservative right values the freedom to own firearms and generally doesn’t believe that women can biologically be men.

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