The Doge Coin Killer Is Here?

The battle of the memes has begun. After Doge coin became massively popular with young investors hoping to make a profit, a new crypto currency is on the rise as Doge coin declines. 

“Egod”, is Doge spelled backwards. It is one of the newest members of the crypto world. 

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Recently, Doge coin has fallen more than 17% while Egod is on the rise by over 3,000%! Their website, is promoting ‘The war of the memes’ in hopes to topple Doge and claim their spot on the meme coin throne.

Many young investors have already began selling their Doge coin in order to buy egod, in hopes that it will take the place Doge.

Egod currently sits at $0.005. Many believe this to be the best time to invest. While a crypto is young and cheap. If held investors will have the greatest margin for profit if the crypto preforms well.

Less than 24 hours ago egod tokens were only worth $0.00039818 a piece.

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Many only wished that they invested in Doge when it was worth $0.005. Doge currently sits at $0.33, but it wasn’t long ago that the crypto was only worth a penny per coin. 

Egod’s website has detailed instructions on how one could invest, and where to do so. There is also a telegram group dedicated to the crypto that gives updates as well as information regarding trades. 

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