Texas Lawmaker Suggests Bill Banning Children From Drag Shows

A Texas lawmaker has announced his plan to introduce legislation in the next legislative session to ban children from attending drag shows.

State Rep. Bryan Slaton shared the announcement on Twitter, saying “Drag shows are no place for a child”.

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“I would never take my children to a drag show and I know Speaker Dade Phelan and my Republican colleagues wouldn’t either,” he continued.

Appearing on Fox and Friends First, Slaton said “We have a lot of laws to protect kids in Texas. We don’t let them get tattoos. They can’t go in sexually oriented businesses. They can’t go in liquor stores”.

“And then, of course, children need to just grow up and be children. They don’t need to be sexualized. They don’t need to be presented with this where they’re putting money into men’s underwear. It’s just not appropriate for children at all,” he added.

Videos of children attending a drag show at Mister Misster, a gay bar in North Dallas, went viral over the weekend.

The event, called “Drag the kids to pride,” was described as “a family-friendly drag show” and allowed kids to dance with performers on stage.

Behind the performers was a sign that said “It’s not gonna lick itself!” and they were seen taking dollar bills from children.

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When host Todd Piro asked Slaton about the concept of sexualizing children, Slaton responded “Leave children alone. I’m also saying we need to get porn out of our school libraries. We need to stop the gender modification of children”.


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