Teacher Claims Parents Who Want Schools Open Are White Supremacists

In California parents are demanding that schools reopen. A teacher has unsurprisingly claims white supremacy is to blame for the parents behavior. 

Fox News reported “A California high school teacher has ruffled some feathers for appearing to suggest that parents who want their kids back in class for in-person learning are “White supremacists.

(Damien) Harmony, who is a parent himself, said he has been able to better gauge “White supremacy” in his neighborhood, after hearing other parents demanding that the school district have its teachers return to the classroom.”

Harmony claimed, “I’m as disappointed as I am unsurprised that last week, we all had to hear all the cynical, pearl-clutching, faux-urgency, ableist, structurally White-supremacist, hysteria, even as teachers were moving forward with an MOU that already put them in harm’s way and was asking too much of a beleaguered group of professionals,”

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Now, according to the leftist mob mentality, parents wanting the best for their children is not only white supremacist behavior, but also ableist. 

The idea in Harmony’s head, is that being out of school will allow children to “grow up to be better than our generation.”

Better than his generation? But undoubtedly less educated and socially competent. Adults often forget how crucial school is not only for the educational development of their children but also for their social development and ability to pick up on social queues. 

Even one year out of school could be permanently damaging to a child’s development especially in younger years. 

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Harmony went on, “You’ve attempted to bully a school board into making the schools less safe for the teachers and children. And you nearly succeeded, making complicit two of its members – who are still meeting virtually, but deciding that others must meet in person,” – “You’ve attempted to bully a school board into acting in bad faith with teachers of your children.”

It would appear however, that Harmony is in fact the bully. Not the parents. Placing untrue labels on them and deteriorating their reputation and virtue in order to preserve his own ability to stay home. 

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Some agreed with harmony, while others criticized him. 

The school district claims that it has given all staff member’s the opportunity to be vaccinated. This makes Harmony’s standpoint of being “in danger” flawed. 


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