Rittenhouse Claims Jail Cell Had No Running Water, Went Almost 1 Month No Shower

During an exclusive one on one interview with Tucker Carlson that aired Monday night, Kyle Rittenhouse revealed horrific stories from his time in jail. 

“I didn’t have running water” the now 18 year old told Carlson. Rittenhouse explained that his cell had a shower, but not one that he could actually use.

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Rittenhouse went from October 31st 2020 to November 20th without cleaning his body a single time. 

The teenager told Carlson that once he was finally able to access running water, he took a 3 hour shower. He explained that during his first shower that his skin peeled, and his body bled. 

“My skin was bleeding because my skin was coming off of my body. It is just the nastiest thing ever,” he said. 

He also expressed that in his opinion, any longer in jail would have resulted in hospital time. “I felt sick, I lost weight, my health was degrading. If I was in there for a month longer I would have probably been in a hospital.” Rittenhouse said. 

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During the interview Rittenhouse thanked his attorneys for meeting with him despite the putrid stench that emanated from his body. 

Interestingly enough, despite malnourishment, and a lack of hygiene in the facility, Rittenhouse was afforded luxuries that most jailed persons do not receive. 

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Rittenhouse told Carlson that he was given a tablet, a phone, and had television. Screen time and contact with the outside world wasn’t an issue for the young man, but his health was.  


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