CNN Legal Analyst Calls Jan 6 Committee ‘One-Sided’

The mainstream media has been incredibly critical of the Biden admin, and now the January 6th select committee. 

First, an MSNBC host blasted a Biden admin official over claims that gas prices are so high as a result of action from Vladimir Putin and not the American President. Now a CNN analyst has ripped the January 6th committee for being “one-sided”. 

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“A prosecutor has to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, the standard for a member of Congress saying it’s a crime is they feel like saying it’s a crime,” former Prosecutor and Senior legal analyst for CNN, Elie Honig said. 

“Also important to keep in mind last night’s presentation was bipartisan, yes, but one-sided. There was no push back, there was no cross-examination.” He said. This is largely due to Nancy Pelosi refusing to allow certain Republican members of Congress on the committee or any Republican except a select few who were on her side. 

The Daily Caller reported, Republicans boycotted the Jan. 6 committee after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to appoint Republican Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled the three remaining nominees for the committee in the wake of Pelosi’s refusal.

There is no representation or defense for anyone who was at the Capitol that day or who has been persecuted or placed in 23-hour-a-day solitary confinement despite being nonviolent and not convicted of any crime whatsoever. 


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