Kari Lake ROASTS CNN Reporter

Kari Lake, a Trump-endorsed candidate for Arizona Governor and former journalist annihilated CNN reporters in a recent encounter. 

The clip quickly went viral. CNN reporters approached Lake asking her if she had time for an interview. “You don’t have a mask on anymore” Lake kindly remarked as she greeted the CNN employee. 

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“We’re outside,” said the journalist – Lake then noted that they were not six feet apart, and not properly exercising social distance.   

Lake told the reporter that she’d only allow the company to interview her if it aired on CNN+. 

“Does that still exist?” She asked as the journalist chuckled no. CNN+ was quickly disbanded only weeks after its inception. Notably, Chris Wallace who moved from Fox to CNN lost his job in the streaming failure. 

“I didn’t think so because the people don’t like what you’re peddling,” the gubernatorial candidate said. “Which is propaganda, thank you.” She concluded. 

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The encounter is especially interesting when we consider that Lake herself is a former television news journalist, and is now calling out a mainstream media network publicly for peddling propaganda. 


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