Maxwell Accuser Reveals Details Of Abuse

A victim has testified in trial exposing some of the appalling atrocities that she was subjected to by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. 

Fox News reported, A Ghislaine Maxwell accuser testified Tuesday in a New York City courthouse that she was 14 when Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam told her she “had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends.”

Carolyn took the stand at the British socialite’s sex-trafficking trial in Manhattan federal court, and said she was sexually abused beginning at the age of 14 by the perverted late financier and the British socialite.

Carolyn was promised that she’d “make a lot of money fast” by Virginia Giuffre who escorted her to Epstein’s mansion in 2000. 

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Carolyn is now in her 30’s and testifying against the monsters who took advantage of her while she was young. 

The abuse was so gruesome and traumatic that Carolyn used drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol to “numb” herself. 

Allegedly the 59 year old Maxwell would greet the soon to be victims at the door of the mansion in Palm Beach. Both women were teenagers at the time. 

Carolyn claims that after entering Virginia Giuffre stripped her down into her underwear just prior to Jeffrey Epstein entering the room and laying down on a massage table. 

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Carolyn cried as she told the jury that she was made to give the man a massage for forty five minutes, and then had intercourses with him. 

From this visit, the first visit, she was given a total sum of $300 but was asked to return hundreds of times according to her testimony. 

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“Something sexual happened every single time.” She said. Typically she was invited by Maxwell. Sometimes there were even other girls involved. 

According to testimony, Maxwell would sometimes grope Carolyn while she massaged Epstein. Maxwell would allegedly tell her what a great body she had for Jeffrey. 

“She said I had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends,” Carolyn said. 

Maxwell’s legal time has alleged that she is only a scapegoat due to Epstein’s untimely death. In reality it’s very obvious that Maxwell was directly involved in the operations of Epstein’s pedophile ring. 


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