Students FORCED To Wear Wristbands Indicating Vaccine Status

As vaccine passports become more and more popular in the United States, establishments in the UK are up to something far more blatant and nefarious. 

Freshmen students at the University of Bath are forced to wear coloured wristbands indicating vaccination status while at nightclubs. 

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The Telegraph reported, Covid-19 passports are required for nightclub or arena events in Bath students’ union, but those who can only show a negative lateral flow test enter through a different queue.

At Sheffield University, students must present a Covid-19 pass to enter freshers events or union nights out, with double-jabbed students and those with negative tests offered separate wristbands to jump queues.

This action will undoubtedly cause a slew of social conveniences on campus. It alienates certain people based on a deeply private medical decision and prevents them from being accepted by their peers. 

Is this type of rule ringing any bells? Does it sound familiar? Individuals being discriminated against based on personal information that they are forced to express on their attire? 

We’ve seen things like this implemented before by tyrannical, fascist and murderous governments in the past. 

It’s mind boggling that decades later, so many people are willing to accept similar rules implemented against different people in a slightly different fashion. 

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These rules are of course not the same as laws implemented by certain European governments, nor are they for the same purpose however they follow the same path of a power hungry government oppressing people that it does not value. 


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