Cuomo Continues to BLAME TRUMP for Nursing Home Genocide

Whilst staffers confirmed Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home disaster, Cuomo continues to not accept responsibility for his actions and would rather blame former President Donald Trump’s administration.

Cuomo said during a press conference on Tuesday, “Nursing homes [are] being looked at by the Eastern District. That was a political investigation started by Donald Trump, who politicized not just COVID, but politicized nursing homes and policies toward nursing homes. And wanted to blame Democratic governors, myself, and Michigan, and New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, it was all our fault, and then had his political Department of Justice start an investigation. And they were a political Department of Justice, there’s no doubt about that.”

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While Cuomo continues to make allegations against the Trump administration, New York Attorney General and fellow Democrat Letitia James, released information on an investigation she conducted.

The Attorney General’s office found Cuomo’s infamous nursing home policy placed COVID-positive patients in elder homes and then went to under-report the death toll by as much as 50%.

Cuomo finished his thought by affirming he did no wrong and he will not resign.

“So that’s being done by the Department of Justice. I’ve already told New Yorkers where I am. I did nothing wrong. And period. And I’m not resigning and I’m doing my job every day,” he said.


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