Obama Education Aide Pleads Guilty To Stealing $218,000 From Charter Schools

Seth Andrew, a former Obama education advisor was arrested in April for scheming to embezzle over $218,000 from a charter school network. 

Fox reported, According to the Department of Justice, in 2005, Andrew created “School Network-1,” a series of New York-based charter schools. In 2013, Andrew left his position at the school and took a role in the Department of Education. He later became a senior adviser in the White House’s Office of Educational Technology.

Andrew then allegedly closed out three of the accounts which were only ever meant to be terminated if the schools had been dissolved completely, which was not the case. 

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He took the funds from at least two of the closed-out accounts and deposited them in a new business account. In order to open the new account, the DOJ claims that Andrew told a bank employee that he was a ‘Key Executive’ in control of the charter school. 

In time, all stolen funds would be transferred to an account that Andrew had complete and sole control over. In total the stolen money would amount to more than $200,000

Initially, the crook was given a $500,000 bond that required 3 co-signatures in order for him to be released. He was made to surrender his means of international travel and confined to New York City. 

Now the former Obama Aide has confessed to his crimes and submitted a guilty plea before the court. “I am truly sorry for what I have done,” he said Friday before the judge who presided over his case. 

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“What I did was wrong and I deeply regret my actions. And, as I stand before you today, I have tremendous remorse for the impact it has had on the schools, the alumni, and my own family.” Andrew continued.


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