New Minnesota Program Will Give Extra Pay To Non-White Teachers

A new Minnesota program will begin awarding extra pay to non-White teachers who give instruction to non-white students. The policy has come under fire, critics claim that it may return America to “something dangerous”. 

Fox News reported, Education activist Cynthia Garrett blasted a Minnesota school board’s policy to provide extra pay to non-White teachers who mentor other non-White teachers as “completely racist” Wednesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Garrett described the policy as only designed to make voting groups “feel good” and as though their officials care about them. She went on to explain that “it’s an attempt to return to something dangerous.” Seeming to call back to segregated schools. 

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The program claims that instead of having racist intent, it’s supposed to “reduce isolation and increase opportunity for collegial support,” according to the policy”.

In reality, this couldn’t be further from the obvious outcome. The policy only incentivizes isolation and encourages people to remain with others who look like them. 

This entire policy also breaks the idea of all protected classes receiving equal opportunity. This is an opportunity that is only afforded to individuals of certain skin color. There also becomes the issue of how “non-white” is even defined.

If a mixed person with a white father, and a black mother happened to have skin that looked more white than non-white is the same opportunity available? There is no concrete definition for white/non-white. Many Americans are of mixed ancestry, this is why America is known as the “melting pot”. 

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Garrett called back to the story of Ruby Bridges. At the time, Bridges was 6 years old and the first black student from New Orleans to integrate into a southern school. The young child was escorted by U.S. marshals and received threats as she entered the school. 

During the first year of her instruction at a public school, Bridges only had one teacher. Her name was Barbara Henry, a white woman. 

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“And I’m sure Mrs. Henry felt unsupported and isolated, just like Ruby did, But you know what they did? They sucked it up and they put on their big girl pants, and they found support in each other because that’s what integration is about. It’s about understanding that support comes in all ages, races, shapes, and sizes.” 

The makers of the Minnesota policy foolishly claim their justification as “providing collegial support,” as if support can only come from a person who shares the race of the person they support. 


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