Trudeau Blasts Protestors: ‘Trying To Blockade Our Daily Lives’

After two years of invasive and authoritarian COVID-19 restrictions, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused truckers of disrupting the daily lives of Canadian citizens. 

According to Disclose TV, Trudeau has announced that he will remain focused on vaccine mandates in order to avoid COVID-19 restrictions. The PM must have forgotten that vaccine mandates are restrictions. 

The Daily Caller reported, Unvaccinated Canadians are banned from traveling on planes and trains unless they manage to get an exemption approved by the travel carrier and present a negative COVID test, Reuters reported. Trudeau said that Canada would drop the rule by October 2021, but it remains in effect in February 2022.

These laws are restricting the rights and free will of Canadian citizens. Look around the world, look at the laws being pushed by left-wing COVID obsessives and imagine – 50 years in the future how will these actions be viewed? Will history remember vaccine mandates as a heinous moral crime and civil rights abuse – or the device that saved lives at the small cost of free will? 

“Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy and our fellow citizens’ daily lives,” the Canadian leader said about the rebellious truck driving protestors. 

In addition to Trudeau’s comments, truckers have also been banned from honking their horns in the city of Ottawa for 10 days. The ban comes from a Canadian judge that ruled protestors must keep quiet for the next week and a half. 

Canadians do in fact have the freedom to peaceably assemble, their government, however, doesn’t seem to respect such a right. 

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Videos have surfaced recently of Canadian Police in Ottawa stealing gasoline from protestors at Gunpoint so that Truckers would be unable to keep warm during the ongoing protest. 


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