Eric Adams Sends Delegation To Texas Amid Migrant Surge

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As governor Greg Abbott of Texas continues to send busses full of illegal immigrants to New York, Mayor Eric Adams has sent a delegation to the border. 

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Fox News reported, The delegation from Adams’ office met on Tuesday with Border Patrol officials in Eagle Pass, Texas along the shores of the Rio Grande, where hundreds of migrants have crossed into the U.S. each day. In a statement, Adams’ office accused Abbott’s office of being “unresponsive” and turning the situation “into a political sideshow.”

Adams claims this despite the fact that Texas and other border states have repeatedly asked the federal government for assistance with no fulfillment. 

Adams said, “Here in New York, we will continue to welcome asylum seekers with open arms, as we learn more about the process, meet with real partners, and see, firsthand, the reportedly inhumane conditions in which asylum seekers are being subjected to by the state of Texas.” 

Abbott has transported nearly 2,000 migrants to NYC, and more than 7,000 to Washington D.C., the nation’s capital. 

Adams certainly has been welcoming to these migrants, in fact, he’s been more welcoming than to actual New York City residents. 

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Hundreds of illegal immigrants were able to receive free phones, ID’s, healthcare, and school supplies from Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx as a part of a program headed by NYC’s hospital systems. 

The City is also working with The Row NYC, a luxury hotel in Times Square to create a homeless shelter on one of the hotel’s floors. 

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A hotel staffer says that the city is currently working on an agreement with the owners of the building to designate it as a shelter for the homeless. 

“It’ll be here at this hotel, but they’ll keep the DHS (Department of Homeless Services) shelter on a certain floor. But that hasn’t started yet, they said a month or two.” He said. 

The City has not disclosed how much exactly the project will cost, but it’s no doubt that the cost to house and feed more than 600 migrant families won’t be a small one. This cost will of course be paid for by the taxpayers of New York. 

Keep in mind, that these are luxuries not afforded to normal tax-paying New York residents. For some reason “asylum seekers” who do not actually fit the legal criteria of asylum seekers (fleeing government persecution or refugee status) are able to benefit in ways that others cannot after violating federal law. 

Asylum seekers are also required to enter the United States via legal ports of entry in cooperation with border officials, the same way legal migrants are. 


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