Biden INCREASES Insulin Prices!

Biden FREEZES Order to Reduce Insulin Prices

Joe Biden’s HHS (Health and Human Services department) has decided to freeze on executive orders from the previous administration meant to slash the prices of insulin and other prescription drugs. 

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The goal of Trumps executive orders were to end corruption in the drug industry and reduce the price of insulin to only “Pennies a day” This would create a bright future for diabetics and other Americans in need of prescription drugs.

The Biden Administration will re-evaluate this executive order at a later date. 

During Joe Biden’s first few days he had been putting an overwhelming amount of effort into reversing and dismantling much of what the Trump administration accomplished. It begs the question, what does Joe Biden care more about? Scrutinizing his predecessor or the needs of the American people? 

The answer seems clear. It’s uncertain whether or not Biden will reinstate the executive order. 

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Biden is carelessly taking disastrous steps to seemingly to spite the previous administration and gain support among Trump haters. It seems as though not much time is being spent evaluating how these steps will effect Americans in the long term, or the short term.


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