Biden Incentivizes Harboring ILLEGAL Immigrants

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On inauguration day Biden revoked the former Presidents memo on illegal immigrants causing them to be included in the Census count.

The Census count determines a states: Congressional seats, Electoral voting power as well as Federal funding. Now, if a state has more illegal aliens this could potentially cause them to also receive more aid, and political power.

This effectively incentivizes states to Harbor illegals and open sanctuary cities. If the state can not naturally increase its population size by becoming an attractive place for citizens to live, it could become more attractive for illegals by declaring itself a sanctuary for aliens.


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Illegals have few places to go where they are immune to the consequences associated with the crime of illegal entry. States now have legitimate political incentives to immunize them. In doing so, they would be willfully allowing violations of 8 U.S, Code 1325.

Congress is meant to represent the citizens of their state based on population size. As the non-citizen population grows, electoral votes will scale accordingly.

Illegals cannot vote, so this will simply grant the same citizen population a greater number of votes because their cities advocated to break Federal law.

Watch what the Illegals are saying as they are coming to America here
This is a Clip from the Joey Saladino Show

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