US Bombers Fly Over Mid East In Show Of Force To Iran

During the Trump Administration the left illustrated their resentment for military action in the Middle East, and Iran specifically. 

This was most present when Abu Bakr Albaghdadi and Qassem Soleimani were killed by US forces. Just as they voted out Trump, they voted in a man who continues to heighten tensions in the Middle East. 

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The New York Post wrote: 

“DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A pair of B-52 bombers flew over the Mideast on Sunday, the latest such mission in the region aimed at warning Iran amid tensions between Washington and Tehran.

The flight by the two heavy bombers came as a pro-Iran satellite channel based in Beirut broadcast Iranian military drone footage of an Israeli ship hit by a mysterious explosion only days earlier in the Mideast. While the channel sought to say Iran wasn’t involved, Israel has blamed Tehran for what it described as an attack on the vessel.”

This occurs not long after the outage following strikes in Syria. The left painted Trump as a war monger, however he started no new wars. He was one of the only presidents in recent history to be able to accomplish this. 


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