New Virginia Governor BANS CRT & Masks on First Day

During his first day in office, Glenn Youngkin signed 11 executive orders aimed at upholding the promises he made on the campaign trail. The signatures came within hours of his inauguration. 

Due to his orders, critical race theory has been banned from Virginia public schools and masks have been made optional during the school day. 

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These are the issues that primarily gave Younkin such a dramatic edge over his opponent Terry McAuliffe during the race. Luckily, the new Governor has stayed true to his word. 

“In Virginia, it is clear under the law that parents have a fundamental right to make decisions for their children’s upbringing, their education, and their care – we’re providing them the ability to make the right decision for their child with regards to their child’s well-being,” he said. 

Younkin also declared Virginia “open for business” in an executive order that seeks to re-evaluate many of the measures that hold Virginia back from economic recovery. Safety and Health Code Boards will convene and discuss whether or not these measures remain necessary in the state. 

His other executive orders focus on combatting and preventing issues like human trafficking and antisemitism. Under one order the Human Trafficking Prevention and Survivor Support Commission will be established, in order to provide support to survivors. 

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Unfortunately, despite his actions, it remains likely that many will attempt to shoot Younkkn down and discredit his efforts. 


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