Mike Lindell Denied Entry to Canada While Bringing Pillows To Protestors

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow dubbed a “pro-Trump conspiracy theorist” by the Independent was denied entry into Canada in order to support Freedom Convoy trucker protests. 

Lindell allegedly attempted to enter the country with a truck filled to the brim with bibles and pillows. The truck reportedly had at least 10,000 MyPillows inside. His goal was of course to spread the word of god, while also spreading godly comfort. 

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According to the Independent Lindell was denied entry because he was not double vaccinated and did not have proof of a recent negative PCR test. Though the negative test is something that, presumably wouldn’t be hard to get. 

Currently, Canada is requiring that all travelers have two doses of the vaccine, and or a negative test result within the previous 72 hours. We must wonder, if Lindell had a negative test result would he be permitted to enter the country and deliver glorious comfort to the dedicated protestors? This outcome seems unlikely. 

A Canadian government source told the press that the Canadian Border Services Agency was already aware of Lindell’s plan to distribute pillows due to social media posts. It’s improbable that a second attempt would prove a success.

Lindell attempted to enter through Ambassador bridge in Michigan. The bridge is currently one of the most affected areas by truckers. 

Trudeau and other government officials have threatened to arrest truckers and tow their company vehicles away. There’s just one problem – tow truck drivers largely support what’s happening and won’t tow peaceful protestors. 


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