AOC Publicly Endorses the Communist Government of Cuba; The Slaughter and Kidnapping of Cuban Protesters

Birds of a feather mollycoddle and justify authoritarian atrocities together.

In what could have been a short and simple matter of wishing protesters in Cuba well as they face violence at the hands of their own failed state, New York Congresswoman Cortez has, much like her friends in Black Lives Matter, instead decided to blame Cuba’s woes on the United States.

In the mind of Cortez (assuming she actually means what she says and isn’t just pandering to the least politically and economically literate of society), Cuba’s constant state turmoil and the more recent protests against the government are due to the US embargo with the island nation; that the absence of American wealth being pumped into Cuba’s shattered economy is the cause rather than the effect of Cuba’s brutal, censorious, authoritarian regime.

How very much like a socialist to demand more “equity” of resources.

Aside from the fact that Cuba does, in fact, trade with other nations and isn’t the isolated state Cortez seems to believe (an embargo is not a blockage), the celebutant congresswoman seems to have completely disregarded the fact that Cuban protests – as well as the Cuban Exiles in America have been demonstrating peacefully with American flags as well as Cuban ones. Unlike Cortez and her Twitter followers, Cubans still hold to the belief that America is a beacon of liberty, even if that image has been tarnished recently.

But while peaceful (yes, these ones actually have been peaceful) demonstrations for and by Cubans in America continue, the situation on the communist island is still dire. Door-to-door raids and live ammunition being used against those daring to oppose the crumbling government of Cuba, have little in the way of a Constitution or right to bear arms to protect them. While the democratic party is divided on the optics and the republicans outnumbered in congress, reports have surfaced that China and Russia may be positioned to take action to quell the unrest in Cuba.

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Without those willing to speak up and act against the Cuban government, the people there may be too unwilling to fight back for generations to come.


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